Webpage for manuscript referees


Many thanks for accepting to review a manuscript which was submitted to the Folia faunistica Slovaca (FFS). The peer review system is an essential part of ensuring quality in scientific publishing, and we highly appreciate the fact that you accepted this responsibility.

 Indeed, as you are now devoting your time to help improving the work of a colleague, so your peers will do the same for you when you submit a manuscript for publication. FFS considers it a gentlemen’s agreement between authors, whose papers were accepted, and referees.

Crucial point in the editorial process of FFS is application od modern internet medium with on-line process of submissions, reviews, and articles publishing. We prefer review via online forms, however there is also offline form prepared in MS Word (see below).


1. Access to the manuscript

You received the manuscript code by email.

PDF files of manuscript are comprimed in ZIP file and will be accessible until the article will be published (or rejected). Word file with text has numbered lines.


2. Writting critique

The critique you should write, consists of two parts - (1.) concise evaluation of the manuscript (without detailed comments), and (2.) remarks on individual lines, mistakes and doubtful information. The main role of referee is in evaluation of manuscript, but not correction of mistakes instead of author.

You cen decide between two variants of review: Môžete sa rozhodnúť pre jeden zo štyroch variantov posúdenia:

  1. Online review - use the Online form for the critique (with concise evaluation) and online form for detailed comments

  2. Offline review - the review and comments written in form of MS Word, when ready, send it to the editor by email.

Editing and updating of the review is available HERE - just enter the manuscript code and your name (then click on "Edit" button, update the review and re-submit it).